Friday, October 27, 2006

new venues for Sunday and Monday

This is an important update...

I don't know what's happened in your world in the last twenty-four hours, but I do know that yet again, my resilience has been tested... and i've risen to the challenge...

We now have new venues for Sunday and Monday, see websites for details including maps (and blog for the story)

As a result, we're almost SOLD OUT!!!

It looks like we will be enjoying a FULL HOUSE for both events!

I have extended the TWO-for-one offer until Friday midnight on the InspireScotland2006 website (it's my birthday, so I'm sharing the abundance with you, your family and your friends)

that includes under 21s (two for £27) see;

The internet-inspiration event is going to be filled to the brim...

I've had 68 bookings in the last 24 hours!

That means all of the free seats have gone!

So again, i've decided to be abundant and just let the last few spaces in the room go for FR*EE too!

If you know anyone who would appreciate FR*EE lessons in how to Make Money Online, chase them along to reserve their seats now at;

We're going to have an AMAZING couple of days!!


PS. Make sure you print out the map... and Whatever you do, don't miss the first speaker !